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Quickfire Review: Komodo

Recently I've been hitting the food trucks hard, so hard in fact that I have a backlog of reviews to do. Rather than do up a full review of each truck, I thought I'd experiment with a quickfire review format. This is the second in a series of five mini-reviews.

Truck: Komodo

Photo by Oliver Seldman

Photo by Oliver Seldman

What I ordered: Meatballs with Romesco sauce ($5); fish and grapes taco ($2); asian marinated chicken taco ($2); Komodo signature taco ($3).

Was it good?: I'd read rave reviews of the fish and grapes taco. It was very good, but it didn't knock my socks off. The fish was nice and light, but I'd have liked a bit more punch to its flavor, to contrast with the acid and the sweetness of the grapes. Maybe whole grapes, rather than the halved ones in the taco, would have given a crunch to the dish. The meatballs were full of sausagey awesomeness, and got spicier the more I ate, till I was sweating slightly. The orange Romesco sauce drizzled on top of them was nutty and garlicky. My 22-month-old son Owen decided to dip his sneaker in it and then wipe it on me. The marinated chicken came with little orange segments, and the Komodo signature taco had delicious meat.

Fish & grapes taco and orange chicken taco

Overall experience: Good stuff.

Vegetarian-friendly: No main dishes are, unfortunately. Truffle fries and garlic fries are meat-free. The guacamole rolls (wonton-wrapped guacamole sprinkled with Old Bay herb seasoning; $5) are also vegetarian.

Vegan-friendly: Truffle fries are; garlic fries are topped with parmesan, so ask for no parm if you're vegan. The guacamole rolls are vegan as well as vegetarian.

Photo by Oliver Seldman

Photo by Oliver Seldman

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