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Quickfire Review: The Gastrobus

Photo by Oliver Seldman

Photo by Oliver Seldman

Recently I've been hitting the food trucks hard, so hard in fact that I have a backlog of reviews to do. Rather than do up a full review of each truck, I thought I'd experiment with a quickfire review format. This is the first in a series of 5 mini-reviews.

Truck: Gastrobus
What I ordered: Skirt steak sandwich with onion, tomato and chimichurri ($6); sweet potato fries with honey mustard dipping sauce ($2.50); potato soup; beet greens.

Photo by Oliver Seldman

Photo by Oliver Seldman

Was it good?: Hells yes. The steak was smoky and juicy. Honey mustard added a delicious tang to the mellowness of the fries, making the flavor multidimensional. I expected the soup to have a cream base, but it tasted like it was made with chicken or vegetable broth instead: it was interesting to eat a potato soup that was so light. The beet greens tasted like chard; they were very tender, and their crunchy stems were a beautiful shade of hot pink.

Overall experience: On a hot day outside MySpace, the line wasn't long at all, and the food came out fast.

Photo by Oliver Seldman

Photo by Oliver Seldman

Vegetarian-friendly: There's a veggie sandwich on the menu featuring yams, zucchini and balsamic onions ($6). Also, check their daily specials when you visit the truck.

Vegan-friendly: The veggie sandwich is good for vegans too.

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